Canada Loyal Financial

Canada Loyal is committed to being the premier financial services organization in the country. This goal drives every decision we make, from employing talented experienced staff, to our investments in technology, communications, sales support and service.

Helping our financial advisors succeed in providing value and service to their clients is how we measure our success as an organization. We are proud of the significant business growth we have achieved as a financial services organization covering multiple financial product channels and of the sound support we are able to provide our advisors.

Thoughts from the President.....Lawrence R. Fuller.

"Our circumstances my have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become"
- Unknown.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty"
- Maya Angelou.

"To embrace the special qualities and virtues of Elegance, Class and Modesty, elevates one to new and special heights. When this happens, real beauty manifests itself as in no other way and expresses its full potential. At this elevation and vantage point, one has the blessing of seeing life from a different perspective. The road that one takes to achieve and live by these standards is the road less traveled by and is not as popular as some other avenues and accepted choices by an ever darkening world today.

Reserve that which is special and sacred for special and sacred times and you will invite and nurture the qualities of dignity and respect within your own heart and soul. Peace and strength will become your constant and special companions and by so doing you will invoke these same feelings from those with whom you associate. You will inspire them to choose this most worthy path for their own life. True joy and lasting happiness will follow.

To observe and witness these special qualities in some one close to you, fosters a feeling of reverence and some how makes us want to do and to be better. When this happens then the very place you are in is better simply because you were there.

May the tenderness of your heart feel a special comfort and love, giving a lighted pathway and direction to follow, like a beacon far away. May the truthfulness and sweetness of this message fill the very special chambers of your heart, now and for always…………"
- Lawrence R. Fuller.

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