Canada Loyal Financial

Canada Loyal is committed to being the premier financial services organization in the country. This goal drives every decision we make, from employing talented experienced staff, to our investments in technology, communications, sales support and service.

Helping our financial advisors succeed in providing value and service to their clients is how we measure our success as an organization. We are proud of the significant business growth we have achieved as a financial services organization covering multiple financial product channels and of the sound support we are able to provide our advisors.

Thoughts from the President.....Lawrence R. Fuller.

"Men do not become perfect overnight, just as an acorn does not become a strong oak tree overnight."
- Spencer W. Kimball.

"A couple who were married for several years were raising their family. The wife reminisced while she sat with me and focused in on a Monday morning. It could perhaps be called a blue washday Monday. There had been some irritation and a disagreement; then some biting words between husband and wife. Interestingly enough, she couldn't remember how it all started or what it was over. "But," she said, "nothing would do but that I follow him to the gate, and as he walked up the street on his way to work I just had to call that last biting, spiteful remark after him."

Then as the tears began to flow, she told me of an accident that took place that day, as a result of which he never returned. "For fifty years," she sobbed, "I've lived in hell knowing that the last words he heard from my lips were that biting, spiteful remark."
- Boyd K. Packer.

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